About Us

Lifestyle Pavilion - Different Styles, Different Life. 

We are an online fashion boutique that are based in Toronto, Canada. And our warehouse is located in Canada, China and USA. 

While starting to create this dream world of fashion, our clothing has diffused retro and romance substance in our breathing air from all over the world, with a sense of femininity and delicateness.

Our pursuit is to endlessly manage and display clothing, jewelry, and accessories to those who share the same feeling on fashion like us to insert unique pleasure into their outfits. Lifestyle Pavilion is a place of imagination, where our ladies randomly pick their own path of lifestyle and arousing a grasp of freedom and indulgence in their fashion world.

We focus on picking our pieces that are full of elegant, romantic and feminine elements: ruffles, plaid, embroidery and flora prints, etc. Our pieces are picked for daily outfits, and are chosen to be worn on any occasions. 

We don't impose a frame of a specific style on our ladies. Retro and romance is a feeling - being elegant and graceful. Fashion styles can be changed mindfully, but this inspiration is timeless.